Tuesday 15 July 2014

Acrylic painting of a landscape

6" X 6" Acrylic paintings on canvas

The two acrylic paintings as posted below are put up on a vertical narrow wall in my home. Did them about two years back. Just wanted to do something very colourful and bright. Used Camel Artists quality acrylic tubes for the same. The 6" X 6" canvas is not readily available in the market, hence I got into the practice of creating them on my own to suit my needs. 

Two 6" X 6" acrylic paintings on canvas by Manju Panchal

Two landscape paintings
Acrylic on canvas

The debate between ACRYLIC and OIL paintings is always on but both have their advantages and 
disadvantages. Finally it is upon the artist as to which medium he/she prefers and what gives more 
happiness. I personally love acrylic medium for the simple reason that it dries up quickly and the gratification
is instant. Moreover with my past experience in dealing with them has made me realise that there is no question of its ever catching fungus and it is so very durable.

Have not touched my acrylics for long BUT I do plan to try out the acrylics in water colour way on canvas.
It is always fun to experiment something new in art and creativity.

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