Saturday 6 August 2016

Drop of water - A pencil drawing

Sketching a drop of water using pencil and charcoal medium

I got to create the "Drops of water" as below in my recent two days "Charcoal sketching workshop". I had two participants who went on to do different subjects in the charcoal medium but wanted to see the demo of "Sketching a water drop". It takes roughly ten to fifteen minutes to complete each of these. 

I demonstrated one sketch and later on went ahead to create two more on different papers. 

pencil drawing of a drop of water by Manju Panchal

Pencil drawing on grey ordinary paper.

pencil drawing of a drop of water by Manju Panchal

Pencil drawing on Canson Mi Teintes paper.

White pastel pencil sketching on
Dark blue hand made paper.

My fascination for sketching "Drops of water" started when I was deeply involved into still life paintings. I would pick up fruits and vegetables and place them near my kitchen window where I had good amount of sunlight falling on them at an angle. Then at times I would place drops of water on the subject and observe the light and shadow play on them. 

Posting below one such still life painting that I created in August 2014, where I had placed an orange on a folded cloth with three little water drops on the fruit. I created this artwork using Derwent colour pencils and pastel pencils. I miss doing my still life paintings and one of these days I will try to take out some time to redo one such works is soft pastels or charcoals.

A still life painting of an orange using Derwent colour pencils

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