Saturday 13 August 2016

Sketching a tree trunk on toned paper.

Drawing and sketching on Coloured paper

My Charcoal and white pastel pencil sketching workshop is coming up this weekend and therefore I decided to draw and sketch one of my favourite subjects "Tree Trunk". This particular tree trunk was photographed by me while we were in Phi Phi Don and it has been in my "To Do List" since long. 

Phi Phi Don is a small spectacular island from Krabi Province ( Thailand ) with most hotels situated within the vicinity of four to five kilometers from the pier. There are no vehicles on this island and most tourists walk around to reach their destinations. There are paved pathways and the island has some amazing ancient trees with hanging roots. It is fun to sketch and shade this kind of a subject where I use only two different pencils to create a three dimensional realistic art on paper.

Sketching a tree trunk on grey hand made paper using charcoal and white pastel pencil. By Manju Panchal

Catching the light
Charcoal and white pastel pencil sketch on grey hand made paper
Size 6" X 8"

I started blogging in January 2014 and since then I have created several paintings on the subject 
"Tree Trunk". You can CLICK HERE to view one of my similar old works. The fascination grew with time and now when ever I travel my eyes are hunting for some beautiful trees around and I try to capture them in my mind's eye and begin my visual study then and there itself.

A beautiful quote.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." Leonardo da Vinci

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