Sunday 27 March 2016

Experimenting further with water soluble graphite sticks ( CAMLIN )

Since I am enjoying the newly discovered water soluble graphite medium, I decided to create a
few more landscapes with forests, mountains etc and in every small little study work, I tried out
something different. Some experiments work and some don't and I make it a point to jot down
my learning experience underneath in the little space so that when I am browsing through it in
future I will know about MY TRIALS and THINGS THAT I MUST AVOID DOING. It helps.

For instance, I overdid the layers in one of the study works in my regular sketch book, and was
not too happy with the results. So I mentioned "Overworked" alongside.

Working with graphite sticks has made me realise that the more simple I keep it, the better it looks and I need to STOP working on my art at a particular time. In the final layer, in some of the sketches
I have used a normal 6B graphite pencil to increase the value by creating darker strokes.

water soluble Camlin graphite stick 4B, sharpened at the tip.

The 4B Camlin graphite stick
which I have sharpened at the tip.

Experimenting with water soluble graphite sticks to create landscape study works, By Manju Panchal

Landscape study works created using
Camlin water soluble graphite sticks
on Cartridge sheets.

It is fun to work with water soluble graphite BUT I am definitely missing using a sharp pencil
like tip. Hence when I visit ART LOUNGE next week to do my art stationery shopping, I am 
definitely going to buy some good brand of water soluble graphite pencil. I have already 
mentioned about the art sale that is on presently at ART LOUNGE which is situated close to
Churchgate station.

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