Wednesday 25 March 2015

Back to my Pastel paintings - Another one from COORG

 Last few days were busy days as I managed to work on some more thumbnail sketches, for my future landscape paintings. I shall be posting a collective image soon. Once the thumbnail sketches are done, I can peacefully take the decision on what subject to work on next.

In the meantime I managed to complete one of my 12" X 16" Soft pastel Landscape painting
( Coorg , Hill Station in Karnataka ).

A single beautiful majestic tree standing alone, the light filtering through and casting beautiful shadows on the forest floor. A walk in the woods can enrich our life by making us see the perfect creation in nature, be it trees, the insects, the serene atmosphere, the blowing breeze, the rustling of leaves. The list is endless. I want to paint little parts of the landscape, which to me is a whole complete self, an identity and beauty in itself. I see, observe, feel and interpret it in my way. Adding colours as I see them around, experimenting with my techniques and my pastel strokes so as to grow as an artist.

Soft Pastel painting of a tree in Coorg. By Manju Panchal

"Standing Alone"
Size 12" X 16"    Soft Pastel Painting

As of now I may feel that the painting is complete but it always happens that when I am in the process of framing the work, I realise that there are lot of different places where I need to work on.
Just a little last minute touch up can make a lot of difference. 

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