Wednesday 10 August 2022

Senibel beach Florida , Step by step watercolor painting

Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.” Heinrich Zimmer

My today’s post is a small water colour painting that I created recently on Campap watercolor paper. I posted it on my INSTAGRAM feed a while ago and decided to blog about it as I captured the steps involved in creating it. This Senibel beach scene from Florida is inspired by a photograph from @tryatrip and I am grateful for the same. Most of the times, I try using my own reference photo, however there are times when I come across something beautiful which I cannot resist and therefore go ahead and paint it.

If you have been following my works on INSTAGRAM you would know that I am a lot into Chitrapat handmade paper for my watercolor paintings which is really a great economical paper to start with but sometimes I do try on other papers which are in my collection and are fairly good.

Step by step Watercolor painting of Senibel beach, Florida
                                                                 Senibel beach, Florida
                                                   A water colour painting on Campap paper   
                                                                       Size   4” X 5.5”
Step by step watercolor painting by Manju Panchal

Step 1. Sky and distant buildings

Step 1. I wet the paper using clean water and then using a round brush created
the sky with ultramarine blue color. While the paper was still wet I 
added the distant buildings using a small flat brush ( Ultramarine blue and light red mix )
 I darkened the pigments at places using a thicker mix of paints to create 
different tonal valuesto suggest the towers in the distance.

Step by step watercolor painting by Manju Panchal

Step 2. The sea and the foliage on the left

Step 2. I now wet the lower section of the paper to create the ocean and 
ocean waves. I have used a mix of ultramarine blue and viridian green
for the sea waves and raw sienna for the seashore. Once the ocean was done,
I used wet on dry technique to create the foliage and branches on the 
left. I created the greens using chrome yellow and ultramarine blue.
In greens, I like the Hookers green from Camlin. I mix it
with a cool or warm color to create the shade I desire.
For the thin branches, I normally use my rigger brush
in the end.

For the final step, I added a few rocks and twigs on the sand. ( The Final painting as displayed on the top ). The wet sand next to the waves gets a reflection of sky color for which I have used ultramarine blue and light red mix from Camlin. That about completes the painting. If you happen to miss out on leaving the white of paper for the froth on seawaves, you can apply white paint directly from the tube using a stiff synthetic brush. ( I do it all the time. I have used masking fluid in the past, but from my experience I have realised that they all dry up if not used frequently and it is an expensive affair. So these days I avoid buying it. )

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