Friday 21 July 2017

Painting a beach scene in water colour medium

"You only fail when you stop trying." Albert Einstein. A very meaningful quote by Einstein.

When I paint, I just paint. I do not think about failure or success. To me the journey of painting is more important rather than the final outcome. It's a day today routine. To paint, to try out something new. If it does not work, then I plan out an alternate technique to get the desired result. End of the day it makes me happy that I tried out rather than just sitting over it.

Given below is a Simple beach composition which I tried out on Arto Campap watercolour paper using the water colour medium. I created this work using one of my photographs from Langkawi, Malaysia.

I am quite happy with this paper but unless I create a few more works I will really not be convinced about using it for long term in the future. So the plan is to keep on painting different subjects to understand more about the different features of the paper and get accustomed to it. I am also in the process of checking out the Fabriano Artistico Cold pressed paper which

water colour painting of a seashore on Campap paper by Manju Panchal

Morning at the beach
Water colour painting on Arto Campap paper
Size 5" X 7"

"Seashore" as a subject appeals to me a lot and I don't think I will ever get tired or bored of painting beaches. CLICK HERE to view one of my favourite beaches that I have painted in the soft pastel medium. I will get back to soft pastels but after a little while. As of now I want to continue my water colour painting adventure.

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  1. I've been looking for Arto Campap review but found none. After scrolling down far on google image search, I found your post. Though you didn't say much about the paper, but the paint photo gives me quite the idea about the paper. Thank you for posting it. And I like your paints' colors!

    1. Found your other post about the paper. Thank you!

    2. Hi, Caerulus.
      I am glad that you have liked my painting. Regarding Arto Campap paper, if you have gone through my blog, I am in the process of finalising the right paper for my techniques. So I am still in the process of evaluation. However I have already shortlisted Arto Campap and Fabriano Artistico too. I plan to post my reviews in detail about this paper soon. What I like about this paper is that it does not absorb all the colours so the colours remain bright and moreover I can easily lift the colour from places using tissue paper or a wet brush. So definitely I am going to be using this paper in the long run. Hope this inormation helps.