Monday 13 March 2017

Water colour painting - On the way to Ladakh

"Watercolour will paint itself; if you let it." Joseph Zbukvic 
( An Australian watercolour artist )

Joseph Zbukvic's water colour paintings are stunning and he is a big inspiration to all those who love to paint in water colour medium.

I am a lot into soft pastels and charcoal medium, however I love water colour medium too. So every once in a way I take out a little time for my water colour passion. Therefore I decided to take a break and removed my palette which has Camlin Artists water colour tubes and got started with a painting which has been on my mind since long. Its a scene with snow covered mountains as seen on the way to Ladakh. I must have mentally painted this picture in my mind quite a number of times and it has been on my "To do" list since long.

The paper that I have tried for this work is PETALS artists handmade paper which I purchased recently. I love this paper as it is pure white in colour and has a rough surface which is ideal for landscape paintings. Moreover it is very reasonably priced.

Water colour painting of a scene from "Journey to Ladakh"

Journey to Ladakh
Water colour painting on hand made paper
Size 7" X 10"

Posted below is the image of my work in progress and the photo reference can be seen next to the palette. The photograph has been provided to me by a close friend who visited this heavenly place recently. 

Preparing for water colour painting of a scene on the way to Ladakh

Painting in progress, palette, water containers,
few brushes and reference photograph

From Pastels to water colour painting. A change of medium refreshes my mind. After having created this work, I am tempted to do another one. The next work would definitely be of "Key Monastery", yet another beautiful place on the way to Kaza in Spiti valley. I have already done a tonal value study work of Key Monastery using graphite pencil some time back and it is one of the most memorable visits during my Spiti Valley tour. 

Thanks for browsing through my works. 


  1. This is so beautiful, specially because you found this scene at you travel and it had been in your heart. The painting truly shows it's you pouring your heart out. Amazing

  2. Thank you, Anki. I am glad you liked the painting.

  3. This watercolor painting beautifully captures the enchanting journey to Ladakh. The vibrant hues and delicate strokes vividly convey the breathtaking landscapes. A masterpiece that transports viewers to the majestic beauty of Ladakh's serene landscapes. Outstanding work! Please read this blog for information Jammu Kashmir Tour Package