Sunday 26 March 2017

Step by step - Soft pastel painting of a landscape.

"It doesn't matter how paint is put on, as long as something is said." Jackson pollock

I paint some part of nature, something that appeals to me. Being there made me happy so I feel that connection and through my paintings I want to convey that happiness and appreciation of the beauty of nature. The soft pastel painting as below is a simple scene that I came across while on a morning visit to Karnala Bird Sanctuary

In the shadows, flowing through the rocks, a little stream of water, the dappled sunlight, falling across at places, bringing in the sudden glow. It is such a delight when I come across some simple beautiful scenes in nature. It is a little world in itself. The quiet serene atmosphere relaxes you and you learn to appreciate and admire nature a little more. 

An original soft pastel painting of a scene from Karnala Bird Sanctuary by Manju Panchal

Capturing the morning light
Soft pastel painting on canson MT
Size 7" X 10"

Given below are the images of the steps involved in creating the painting. I follow a simple step by step technique to complete my artwork. 

Step 2 . Soft pastel painting of a scene from Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Step 1. Creating the basic outline of the elements keeping in
mind the perspective

Step 2. Simplifying the shapes and adding colours

Step 3 . Soft pastel painting of a scene from Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Step 3. Adding colours keeping in mind the values.
The details happen at the final stage just 
before completion.

Every painting that I create has its own challenges. In this particular work I had to create the tall grasses in different shades, also keeping in mind the highlight on some of them due to the sunlight filtering through the foliage on the left side. However these little challenges make me learn a little more than what I already know and I enjoy these little learning experiences. 

I have also got into charcoal study works lately and will post one of my recent works soon.

Thank you very much for browsing through my works. 
I am also posting my works on INSTAGRAM on a regular basis.

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