Thursday 23 June 2016

Thumbnail sketches - study works for future paintings

After having done a couple of soft pastel paintings on different subjects, it is time to shortlist
the next few paintings to be done. For me it all starts with "Thumbnail sketches". These days I
create a couple of them after a careful analysis with respect to composition, colours and values.
Once my thumbnails are done, I pin them up on the flannel board next to my workplace so that
I can have a clear view of them all day along.

After several views, I start the preliminary painting process in the mind itself. It's like I am working on the different possible techniques which I can apply to go ahead with a particular painting. All of my thumbnail sketches do not necessarily get converted into the final art piece. It's only a selected few. The ones that start speaking to me and I can feel the connection.

Given below is the collective image of three different sketches that I just completed using the soft pastel medium. All are "Sea based subjects" my all time favorite.

Thumbnail sketches 
created on Canson Mi Teintes paper.
Size 4" X 5"

I am posting an old image which shows how my ART BOARD looks like with a display of all
my thumbnail sketches. Many of the sketches as in the board below finally saw the light of day
as I converted them into bigger pieces of artwork. 

Creating thumbnail sketches is a lot of fun work as I do them very freely and loose manner.
So its done without any fear or inhibition and many a times a small little work looks like a 
masterpiece to me and I take a quick decision to refer to it and go ahead with my bigger artwork.
I also call these small works as "Study works" as they help me to learn a lot. It is an exercise
in "Experimentation" wherein I get to evolve my technique by trying out new ideas and theories.

I have done several posts on "THUMBNAIL SKETCHES" and to view all of them you can
go to the search column at the right column of the BLOG.

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