Monday 7 April 2014

Art Lounge - SALE ( The Art stationery shop is running a sale )

The art stationery shop at churchgate THE ART LOUNGE is running a sale till the 19th of this month.
I visited the place recently with a friend to pick up my annual stock of
CANSON MI TENTES sheets in different colours as I use
them a lot for my pastel paintings.

Apart from these papers you can also find the KOINOOR products, canson water colour sheets,
Pebeo products, Charcoal and graphite related products and so on.
You can contact them at 9820136909.

The discount on certain products is more than 50% so it is good to make a visit if you 
are staying in Mumbai and can make it there before the 19th.

I have brought a few samples of the different CANSON water colour sheets so that i can
use it and decide which one works for me. I am mainly interested in picking up something
which is not too expensive ( 300 gsm , cold pressed )yet good to hold all the water while
wet on wet water colour painting is being done.

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