Sunday 24 May 2020

On a Voyage - A watercolor painting on Canson Vidalon paper

Watercolor and it’s application have become a moving force, directing and enriching my life.” T R Einhorn.

Water colour is a medium which you can’t help getting addicted to. When I started with this medium, I went about experimenting with different papers, be it local or imported, economical or expensive. In the bargain I went ahead and purchased lots of sheets and pads. Some worked for me and others didn’t. Recently I came across a few cutout sheets of Canson Vidalon paper 300 gsm and decided to use it for my next painting in the list which I have posted today.

Painting on Canson Vidalon paper has been such a pleasant change as the paper has helped me get the desired results. I have used a part of this paper in the past and I remember picking up just one full size sheet from Art Lounge, an art stationery shop in town. This paper is great for wet on wet technique and the colors stay bright and fresh. I would definitely recommend this paper to water color enthusiasts.

Watercolor painting of seascape on Canson vidalon paper . By Manju Panchal

On a voyage
A water colour painting on Canson Vidalon paper
Size 5” X 7”

For the above artwork I have used Winsor and Newton Cotman and Camlin Artists water color tubes. I enjoy working with both these brands and would recommend it to all water color enthusiasts. 

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