Tuesday 6 December 2016

Charcoal and white pastel sketching of a "A Closed Door"

"Drawing keeps the eye fresh, the mind alive, and the intuition nimble." Timothy Nero

"A Closed Door" - a charcoal and white pastel work on Canson Mi Teintes paper. The paper I used is dark grey in colour, and this colour of the paper itself acted as a shade darker than the mid tone value. Rest all values were created using the white and the black pencils. 

Foe the darker shades I have used Camlin and Conte A Paris soft charcoal pencil and for all the lighter values I have used the Conte White pastel pencil and Cretacolour white pastel pencil.

I created this work last week prior to my weekend workshop. During the "Two days workshop" I also demonstrated a few other subjects and I shall be posting about them soon. 

Charcoal and white pastel pencil sketching of a door on Canson Mi Teintes paper by Manju Panchal

A Closed Door
Charcoal and white pastel on Canson paper
Size 5" x 7"

"A Rustic wooden door" is another of my similar sketches that I created in October 2015.

Canson Mi Teintes is available in many different shades and it can be purchased either online from Amazon, Flipkart and other such stores or if you happen to be in town then you can buy it from Art Lounge, a stationery shop at Churchgate.

To browse through my artworks in different mediums you can visit my DEVIANTART Gallery.

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