Saturday 2 July 2016

Demo works created during an art workshop - Charcoal medium

From time to time I conduct Art workshops  wherein I get to interact with people like me who
are passionate about art. During this workshop I share and demonstrate my techniques which
I follow to create my kind of art.

The image below is a collage of three charcoal sketching's that I demonstrated during a recent two days charcoal workshop. 

1. A scene from Kalpa ( Himachal Pradesh )
2. Sea waves hitting the shore. ( Langkawi island )
3. A scene inspired from Himachal Pradesh.

Charcoal sketchings created during an art workshop by Manju Panchal

Charcoal sketchings created during a workshop
on Canson and cartridge paper.

The participants get to use different kinds of charcoal pencils, willow charcoal, erasing tools,
sketching surfaces ( Canson, Strathmore, Fabriano Academia etc ) which gives them exposure 
to different options of stationery available to them.

However the materials that I use are my personal preferences and I advise everyone to experiment
on their own to know what paper or pencil suits their work. 

Art workshops are fun and I always look forward to it. It inspires and motivates me. I in turn
motivate the participants to work towards their art, to create original works and pursue their 

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after getting tired of the hard work you already did."
Newt Gingrich