Tuesday 9 September 2014

A day spent in creating water colour paintings

After working for days in soft pastels, finally decided to do a few water colour paintings for my sketch book. ( 18th and 19th painting )

Selected  two different subjects. An apple as a still life painting, which I created without any reference. The second painting is from my reference photograph of KUNZUM PASS. ( Altitude 4,551 m ) from our Himachal holiday trip last year. We had gone on a tour of  LAHAUL and SPITI valley but could not cross further as the Glacier ahead had not melted and the weather was not favourable.  

The view at KUNZUM PASS was absolutely stunning with snow capped mountains, clouds above and its shadows falling on the mountain peaks below. We spent few hours soaking in the tranquil atmosphere. It was so very quiet and we were the only tourists around. Beauty of such places just cannot be described in few words. One has to be there to feel it all.

 Having done a mini painting I plan to do a bigger art work using a similar photograph and a better quality paper.

Mini water colour paintings of an apple and kunzum Pass by Manju Panchal

Two mini water colour paintings
An apple

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