Sunday 2 March 2014

DIY - oil and turpentine container

These days I have been a lot into recycling waste and creating something useful out of it. 
Created two different container sets for holding oil and turpentine which are used for 
oil paintings. Very easy to make and convenient too.

1. Plastic measuring caps come attached to many different syrup bottles
and are easily available at home. Just apply glue using glue gun
and attach them together.

2. Most medicine bottles come with a metal cap. Do not throw them. Instead
glue them together and use as oil and turpentine container.

Glue gun
Watch you tube video to see how it works.

Easily available in stationery shops I purchased mine from Parle Book centre
but it is also available at ART STATION The shop at 4 bunglows. I have already added 
a post about this shop.

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