Sunday 14 December 2014

Cleaning up - My Soft Pastel Palette

My present Soft Pastel palette consists of broken pieces of pastels of different brands placed together as per their colours and values. This arrangement helps me choose the right colour more easily rather than search in individual boxes of different brands. However over a period of time depending on use, it gathers a lot of pastel dust and the outer layer is very muddy which does not help in colour recognition in a precise manner.So the pastels need to be cleaned up.

I have been reading a lot on net regarding the different methods used by artists for cleaning up dusty pastels, so I applied one of them and it worked perfectly well for me.I took little rice in a bowl and dropped the broken pastels in them, shuffled it thoroughly and then removed it. The external surface of each individual pastel did get cleaned up. So I plan to follow this method even in future. 

Cleaning up broken pastels by shuffling them in a rice bowl. ( Manju Panchal )

Cleaning off the dust from broken pastels
by shuffling them in a bowl of rice.

Cleaned up Soft Pastel Palette by Manju Panchal

Pastel Palette with all cleaned up pastels 

The broken pieces belong to MUNGYO, GALLERY and KOH-I-NOOR

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