Saturday 29 November 2014

Soft pastel painting of Landscape at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Last December we went to Karnala Bird Sanctuary ( close to Panvel ) and the soft pastel painting below is from an early morning photograph taken there. The weather was very pleasant and there were lots of dry bushes around. We walked on the muddy pathway enjoying the tranquility. It was so very quiet and we could hear all kinds of sounds created by birds and insects. There was also a group of bird watching enthusiasts with some real great sophisticated cameras and on the whole such short trips are real fun. They bring one very close to nature.

Soft pastel painting of Karnala Bird Sanctuary by Manju Panchal

Morning in Karnala
Soft Pastel Painting on Fabriano Tiziano paper
© Manju Panchal

The satisfaction of creating an original painting referring to one's own photograph is immense.
Years back when I started my journey of art, I remember referring to other artists work and had absolutely no idea how to go about creating an original art work. Then slowly it started with still life paintings to portraits and now I am feeling comfortable doing landscapes. It is a beautiful learning process and I continue to learn every day. 

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