Sunday 23 February 2014

Forest - pastel painting by Manju Panchal

Painted this forest scene with soft pastels. Used dark brown Canson Mi tentes paper and Gallery
and Mungyo brand of soft pastels. The painting is not framed but placed under black mount board ( thickness 2" all around it )

soft pastel painting of forest by Manju Panchal

Forest - the lighted pathway
Size 9" X 14" ( including the mountboard )
Available for sale

When the pastel painting is not framed it needs to be kept safely so as to avoid the smudging
of pure pastel dust. I normally place the mountboard on top of it and then place a butter paper 
on the top so there is a space between the painting and the butter paper.
Then I fold the butter paper carefully at the edges and put few office clips to
secure the artwork. Then I place it neatly in my drawer with the other collection.
( Image shown below )

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