Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pastel painting of two apples by Manju Panchal

Another Soft Pastel work

These two apples were lying on the table and the composition looked too good. So I remember having
done this on Fabrano white paper ( Normally I always use a coloured paper for all my pastel works )
The apples had a dark brown background of the table on which they were placed but i decided
to change the background to suit the apples.

soft pastel painting of two apples by Manju Panchal

Side by side
Soft Pastel work
Size 8" X 10"

soft pastel painting of garlic by manju Panchal

Garlic by itself
soft pastel work

This is one of  my initial works in soft pastels size 6" X 6". It is done on 
Fabriano paper.( green shade ) I have not framed it, so it is in a glassine packing. 
Hence you can see a bit of reflection on the
upper left. now that I have finally started the blog I am going through this
 tedious process of photographing and then editing the photograph.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

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