Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thumbnail sketches

AboutThumbnail sketches

Thumbnail sketches are small practice drawings made during the planning of an art piece. Most artists use thumbnail sketches as a preliminary drawing , as a way to work through ideas before they actually start on a bigger art work. It helps to save time and money and very few art materials are used. A thumbnail sketch can be done with willow charcoal, colour pencils or water colours. It depends on each artist.

By doing thumbnail sketches an artist can know as to which composition will look best.

Artists can experiment with colours and values and can change the painting by adding or subtracting a few features from reference photo so as to gauge the new look. Once satisfied, the artist can then refer to his/her thumbnail sketch to do a bigger painting.

Some of my recent thumbnail sketches of landscapes done in soft pastels
on ordinary grey chart paper

Red Rocks of Australia

Forest by the river

Pathway in the forest

Andaman beach scene

All of the above sketches are size 4" X 5"
No details are added. Just tried to capture the basic colours and values.
More like a quick study. Some day I might refer to one of these to create a bigger work.

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